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I love food. Period.

Before I decided to make the giant leap into the deep end and go to culinary school, I was in the military. I did radio and television broadcast journalism for the United States Air Force for 6 years and loved every minute of it. It gave me the opportunity to live places I wouldn’t have dreamed of. I spent two years festival hopping and drinking cheap Portuguese beer at bull fights on the Azorean island of Terceira followed by two years in Adana, Turkey making frequent trips to the beaches around Kizkalesi and exploring underground cities in Cappadoccia. Along the way I made a few pit stops in Africa, Italy, Greece, U.K., and a little trip to the middle east.

Once I decided to part ways with the military, I took a definite left turn and headed for San Francisco. I attended the California Culinary Academy, Le Cordon Bleu and graduated with high honors. While I was there I worked under a multitude of talented chefs (mostly for free, gotta earn those stripes) and sweated it out in my fair share of kitchens. Each student is required to embark on a 3 month externship, I chose a winery…good choice. I happened to take my externship at that magical time of year where to grapes ripen and we smush them into the beautiful, tasty, nectar of the gods we call vino. I was crush intern, or as my wordy title ran “assistant to the winemaking staff”. I helped with crush and learned the many facets of the winemaking process and created wine tasting menus for the multitude of events they run during crush and the holidays.

It is no small feat designing a tasting menu that will suit 26 different wines that will feed over 600 hungry wine tasters in a weekend. But I loved it. My specialty is wine pairings and parties. I love sitting down with someone and designing a menu that’s not cookie cutter and lets that person’s specific character show through.  I like to use seasonal, local, organic food you can feel good about enjoying with your friends and family.

If you would like to talk about a menu idea or plan a party let me know!



  1. Linda permalink

    Salad dressing recipe from cooking school class, please. It is so yummy.

    • No problem!
      Into a blender toss:
      1 shallot
      1 sprig of thyme leaves
      About a tbs and a half honey
      about a tbs red wine vinegar
      1 tsp course ground mustard
      Slowly add olive oil until emulsified into a lovely, creamy-looking concoction!
      P.S. Dont forget Salt and Pepper

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