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Pasta Pandemonium

June 20, 2012

Apparently, I cannot get enough of logging kitchen time.

Before I go work the line at night…what do I do?

Well, I make pasta for 5 hours straight of course!

Rick sent me a text at 7:30 in the morning with a photo of his kitchen. It was complete with a wood working table with a pasta machine pressed into the side, a large hunk of bright green spinach pasta dough, and a myriad of ravioli-shaping tools. Needless to say, I was there in about 30 minutes after a short rifling through my refrigerator.

I showed up armed with tasty leftovers and veggies. He raided his freezer for bags of pesto resulting from last years garden bounty. His signature ravioli of the day was spinach pasta with a pesto-italian sausage-cheesy filling. Mine were a little more on the “non-traditional” side.

1) Sweet Italian Rose

Among my ingredients were rose pedals and ricotta. With about half the rose pedals I made a rose-honey syrup to mix with ricotta. I piped that filling over a rose pedal and sprinkled the whole thing with sweet italian sausage. Since I roll my ravioli dough really thin, you can see the pretty pedals right through it once it hits boiling water.

2) Fire Engine

At first, this one just started out at an idea towards aesthetics. But then, my mix of chorizo, blood red beets, and roasted red peppers actually created an amazing flavor combination. The spice from chorizo, the sweet from the beets, and the earthy red peppers created an amazing flavor explosion. Indeed. And they were ridiculously bright (damn near neon) red.

3) Meat and Potato

I also brought out some mashed potatoes, so I mixed it with some of the sausage and piped the mixture over thin-sliced rounds of garlic-stuffed green olives and slivers of red pepper. These ones came out gorgeous and they appeal to the “Man-Man”.

With the left-over dough we created a Creole Linguine by flattening blackening spice into the pasta dough. It’s a beautiful thing, on Monday I concocted a Cajun crab cream sauce to adorn said pasta. No complaints here.

I usually relish the opportunity to beat up a ball of dough, but Rick busted out the bread maker and just switched the setting to “dough”. Damn, there was no upper body workout whatsoever to counteract the excess of carbs about to enter my body. Oh well, leave it up to Rick tofind a shortcut. Love it!


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