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Butter IV

June 1, 2012

Last night was my “stage” at a restaurant downtown, I had an absolutely fabulous time and hope to see a lot more of the place.

Unfortunately, it cut my recipe development for the day a bit short. But I did manage to come up with a couple more “quick” breads.

The first really was quick, a basic batter corn bread with tasty golden niblets of corn inside, green onion, crema for some lusciousness, and my weight in butter…no big deal…I give most of them away to save my figure. I feel as though I may single-handedly be keeping dairy farmers in business.

You’re welcome.


My second bread was actually biscuits and not necessarily quick. I modeled them after those tasty cream cheese-stuffed jalapeno’s wrapped in bacon that so often make their way into summer back yard grill-a-thons. So, these biscuits are not so heart healthy or diet friendly, but their golden layers freckled with hunks of bacon, jalapeno, and cream cheese will certainly make your soul happy (and keep your thighs well insulated for winter time). I started the dough yesterday, and baked them off this morning…a nice idea for super-fluffy, layered, yeasty, biscuits to accompany breakfast.

Today we sign the lease on our new place we so lovingly call “the shack”. It’s a tiny house with a big back yard and a gas range (the selling point for me). After we sign our lease this afternoon we have a dinner party to attend, so I had better get on my dessert bread…I’m thinking sticky bourbon pull-apart bread. Hmmm…



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