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Carb Overload

May 30, 2012

Yesterday was a flurry of scrubbing and baking.

I’m in a new kitchen and I’m a wee-bit OCD at times so I naturally had to scrub the bejeezus out of my new surroundings before digging in to my bountiful flour selection. I only kicked out two focaccia’s today, but the recipients of said focaccia didn’t sound too disappointed with my results.


The first was a Tomato-Basil focaccia using both sun-dried tomatoes and tomato paste and gratuitous amounts of fresh basil. The second was a tarragon-caramelized onion concoction that was to die for. I know Joe appreciates all the focaccia since the hearty and flavorful Italian bread is the temporary substitute for good ol’ fashioned wheat bread in his daily sandwiches for work. Today was Salami-Provolone with chiffonade banana peppers on Tomato-Basil. Not bad for interrupting the daily grind, eh?

Today I have moved on to Dinner Rolls!

But not just any dinner rolls, marbled, jumbo-sized dinner rolls.

My first batch is testing a caper-tomato combo and a cilantro-roasted red pepper concoction. They rose so much, they were billowing over the cupcake pan before I even popped them into the 400 degree oven. Both types are swirling masses of red and green. I can’t wait to brush them with butter and “sample” or “taste-test” them directly out of the oven.

It’s a tough life, but someone’s got to live it.


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