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Fruit Plate Fabulous

May 29, 2012

I have been seriously neglecting my blogging as of late…but who could blame me? I was working full time hours, going to school full time, testing recipes, and preparing to move. But now, I have boomeranged my way back to the biggest little city (Reno, for those who haven’t had the pleasure of encountering the slogan)…and it’s time to get to work.

This summer I am concentrating my efforts on finally finishing this cookbook. I have been working on it in a half-assed manner for far too long.

So, here I am staring at my breakfast (crispy focaccia, leftover grilled pork from the weekend, a poached egg topped with crema and sriracha, a banana, and a steaming cup of french-pressed coffee) planning my attack on this fine Tuesday.

I moved to Reno not only because Texas and I have a rocky relationship, but because of my high school sweetheart. That’s right, almost 10 years later and I’m sitting at his mom’s dining room table, eating off the same fruit patterned plates my mom had stacked in our kitchen cupboard when I was a kid in a little pink house just around the corner. The house isn’t pink anymore, none of my childhood friends are toilet-papering houses or sneaking smokes out of their moms’ purses, but I feel a strange sensation of Deja-vous.

Last night I got the cooking party started with my first focaccia of the recipe-testing-fury that will be this week (bread week). Rosemary, sea salt, and Kalamata. I think I hit the proportions right on the head. The crumb is beautiful and there’s just the right amount crisp to the edges of the bread.

I meticulously prepped (and actually measured) all of my supplies. Generally, I’m not the best at such things. A dash, a pinch, and sticking my tongue out while squinting one eye (because somehow this helps you eye-ball approximate measurements) as I glug out ingredients is my usual method of measurement.

This morning I divvied up slabs of focaccia to be distributed amongst mine and Joe’s (my love) families. The next ball of dough rising on the back of the stovetop is tomato-basil and will shortly be followed by tarragon-caramelized onion. Oh, I am going to ruin all my friends’ diets.

Somehow, I think they’ll manage.


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