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Food, Liquor, Music, Liquor, Food…All Nights Come Full Circle

March 4, 2012

I rarely work a morning shift on Saturday, but for some reason the gods smiled down at me, allowing me to work a parent/child cooking class and was off work by 4pm. YES!

I left work while it was still light outside! How extraordinary.

This was cause for celebration, on the way home I biked by the rock climbing gym, conquered a route that was giving me trouble, and upon arriving home I immediately commenced a bomb-diggity kitchen epic tale via spices and red wine. I had defrosted a fat little chicken thigh, generously rubbed it with sweet smoked Spanish paprika and a new cinnamon we got in at work (high oil content), seared it to get the skin all crispity and doused the pan with a 2007 Malbec, shallots, garlic, and jalapeno. Reduce…Reduce…add whatever wine I didn’t drink, Reduce…and finish with butter. Oh yes, savory-licious.

I served my black-as-night chicken and sauce over jalapeno-tomatillo-buttermilk pancakes (I need to actually write that recipe down…they were amazing) and with a simply dressed side salad, greens with blood orange vinegar and smoked salt.

Just in time, as soon as the food was finished a friend of mine came over with a bottle of wine (I finished the Malbec before dinner was finished). We taste tested, drank wine, and contemplated the next move…it was Saturday night after all. The food part of the circle was finished after we killed my super-spiced chicken and a plate of nibbles (spicy red pepper white bean spread, hummus, melba toasts, and black pepper-red wine salami). We then went full-bore into the Liquor part of the night, from wine to whiskey to gin to rum to beer to whiskey to passing out after watching some live bands at Dada and hanging out with random drunk band members whom had taken up camp in the foyer of my apartment building. They tuned my guitar and passed around shots of Gentleman Jack…I consider us all best friends, I don’t remember any of their names but that’s not important.

So, Food (chicken and nibbles), Liquor(wine, whiskey), Music (Dada and guys with guitars), Liquor (all those other ones I listed), now back to food.

I had a little bit of left over tomatillo-jalapeno-buttermilk pancake batter left over so I figured breakfast was certainly needed to soak up the insanity no-doubt brewing in my stomach. I topped the hotcakes with a white truffle-avocado-lemon butter and chased it with a little Acai berry juice. The apple tasted awful, I tried to feed it to my dog but he wasn’t even having any of it.

Now to do something productive with myself…after a shower.


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