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Expedition Breakfast

February 21, 2012

I have a slight tendency to go overboard…you know, I find a new chocolate I like…I ingest 15lbs of it…I decide I like a guy…I marry him a month later. This is my curse.

But sometimes, maybe even this time…my throwing caution to the wind is a great idea. I have decided to launch a new career plan. I want to be an “Expedition Chef”. I feel as though this title would suit my two most beloved of pass times and turn them into my career. I used to teach survival, I rockclimb, I kayak, I conquer mountains, I rip up the trails on my bike…and I cook stuff, good stuff. With my powers combined, I feel as though I could create beautiful gourmet-style meals at high camp for picky mountaineers and hikers with more “refined” tastes.

Therefore, I have thrown myself head-over-heels into the development of said idea. I have been busy in the kitchen concocting tasty vittles  for the trail that don’t taste like the cardboard crap out of a wrapper claiming to be cookies and cream.

First, I shall unveil some of my Breakfast selections.

This may look like run-of-the-mill oatmeal. Don’t be fooled! The cereal is half 6-grain oats and half Bulgar wheat (powerhouse of energy right there). The grains are cooked in my vanilla bean-Jasmine broth and mixed in with dried raz-cherries, apples, and dates as well as walnuts, almonds, and pecan meal is cooked in with the grains. At the end it’s splashed with a little milk and sprinkled with brown sugar. This comfort food will pack all the punch you need to back-country ski the Rockies or hike the Appalachians until you find hillbillies with moonshine willing to share.

A quick hand-held one here, I walked my bike for a mere block as I mowed this one down. The bun is a homemade bagel topped with volcanic black Kiwa salt and grilled over the campfire. The filling includes a “shmear” of cream cheese, dill, green onion, and lime juice under smoked Nova salmon and topped with cucumber strings. Quick and satisfying…you know, in case you need to break down camp quickly because you just saw baby bear and you know mama bear isn’t far behind.

I love egg dishes, especially ones that you can prepare and forget about. Fritatta! I have a cute little cast iron pan that is absolutely perfect for 4 portions of lovely, lovely eggy-potatoey goodness. For this one I decided to go a little decadent, I layered baby yukons, red onion, prosciutto, brie, and chives to concoct a layered egg dish to be remembered across the ages. The beautiful thing about the fritatta is, you pour all the goodies in there, set it over a low heat, and forget about it. Perfect results every (almost) time. To freshen it up (there’s a lot of bad for you rummy stuff in there) I served it over top of greens with a citrus vinaigrette and orange and lime segments.

Eggs are also a good way to get rid of left-overs. Last night’s dinner becomes this morning’s breakfast! Good thing dinner was also fabulous, right?! So lets say last night we had grilled up steaks and served them with roasted potatoes and asparagus. Sounds great. I don’t think I have ever seen left-over steak at a campfire, but we are sure to have at least a few potatoes and asparagus spears. Here I just did a scramble (because I broke my omelet) and shaved Myzithra cheese (salty hard Greek cheese)over top…I also may have placed the scramble on a bed of greens for good measure.

Last, but not least, another sweet concoction. Honey-Cornbread and Apricot Griddle cakes with a blackberry-Reisling syrup applied generously over top. A couple of blackberries, almonds, and a touch of hand-whipped vanilla bean whipped cream=heaven. Paired with a steaming cup of black tea and you’re ready to tackle the summit.


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