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Accidental Ingestion of Gratuitous Amounts of Chocolate

February 11, 2012

All I wanted to do was create cute little Valentines Day gifts whilst displaying my Scottish heritage. That’s all I wanted. I didn’t intend on consuming a veritable vat of chocolate. There I was, diligently weighing out ingredients when…suddenly I was standing before my work station with chocolate clubbed hands and there was only one to remedy the situation…

Slurp down lots and lots of Scotch infused ganache while attempting to roll them into truffles followed by a dip in even more chocolate. I got off work at almost 11, home around midnight, and burned the midnight oil until 2am fueled by creamy, liquored up, chocolate love.

This morning I decided to pipe my little Scotch truffles with a loose interpretation of my family plaid. Now I shall deliver them to special peoples around Valentines Day; I think my friends would prefer this to practicing my Cupid-esque archery in their general vicinity.


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