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Gourmet “Poor Food” Part 3: Chicken and Rice

February 7, 2012

Most versions of this dish I have seen incorporate chicken (duh), a gravy-like substance (more often than not, cream of chicken),  and white rice. Mine is a wee-bit different.

So, I had a large container of left over sushi rice. Sushi rice is tossed with seasoned rice vinegar, so there’s a slightly astringent sweetness to it. Good stuff, great candidate for my dish (left-overs are rarely thrown away in my house). My chicken is  actually a quail. I saw the cute little carcasses in the window at the butcher counter and couldn’t walk past them. In my refrigerator I had a “Thai Mix” of herbs…mint and basil mostly, 2 inordinately large jalapenos, leftover cream from a ganache I made, and a bit of Reisling I was enjoying last night. Those mixed together with some red pearl onions became the stuffing and sauce ingredients for my cute little poultry.

Final Dish, Jalapeno Butter-Braised Quail in a Lime-Reisling Cream Sauce over Thai Mint and Basil Rice. Quite the mouthful there. First thing I did was cut off the tips of my baby onions and toss them in boiling water so I could pinch their little skins off. I stuffed a couple of those, some herbs, and half a Jalapeno in my little birdy before tying him up with raffia (haha, I didn’t have any kitchen twine. Improv!). I placed him in a small saute pan with butter and used a spoon to dole the golden love over the top until the butter started to brown. Then I added the rest of the onions and jalapeno to saute. I deglazed with the Reisling, took it to au sec, added the cream, reduced, and added the juice of half a lime. Heaven. The rice was already cooked, so I just tossed it with the Jalapeno, Mint, and Basil before nuking it in the microwave.

Hmmm…what to tackle next? Any ideas?

Shrimp and Grits maybe?


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