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Gourmet “Poor Food” Part 2: Tuna Casserole

February 4, 2012

At the end of my last blog I joked about jazzing up the good ol’ staple tuna Casserole. Usually the dish uses tuna out of a can, mixed together with things shaken out of a box; including, but not limited to: noodles, dehydrated veggies, and a non-descript white powder. These things are mixed with water and maybe some canned vegetables to create an economical dinner most children shrink from when approached with at the dinner table.

Well, my tuna casserole has nothing to do with tuna actually. I just so happened to come across some crab meat last night. Don’t ask me how or under what circumstances I was able to procure such a thing in my current financial situation…I won’t tell the truth (I will make up something far more awesome). Alright, so on my list of essential components for a tuna casserole I have the “tuna”, now I suppose I need noodles of some sort. I have eggs, but I don’t have any white flour…sooo…well, I do have rye flour…why not? My pasta roller didn’t necessarily make the cut when I was packing to move to Texas (I was shocked to find my entire life didn’t fit in the back of a 1999 Ford Explorer). Maybe gnocci instead? One problem, I don’t have the non-descript white powder or any milk…a conundrum. Well, I do just so happen to have some buttermilk powder…hmmm…also, pasta water when mixed with butter creates a thick, lovely sauce…oooh…and I have garlic dill cheese curds (I don’t have the basics, but I do have the occasional helpful oddity). I even have the classic English peas in my freezer. This can work.

Okay, so final dish…Rye gnocci and English peas in a cheesy, dilled buttermilk-crab sauce…and then baked with crispy’s on top (Herbed Panko) to invoke the classic “mom” technique for making things a little bit fancy.

Next up…Hmmm…I guess I could tackle Chicken and Rice. Just  about every family I know has a version of this “poor food”.


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