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Gourmet “Poor Food” Part 1: Beans and Rice

February 2, 2012

I can recall one or two, possibly 240 times in my adult that I have found myself counting change out of that jar we all keep on the shelf to house our dreams of tropical island grandeur. This week is one of those weeks. All of the silver change is magically missing thanks to my sifting through it for train fare and vegetable money (these are my priorities right now, I still have one day left on my rent grace period).

I generally keep a pretty well stocked dry goods pantry, bulgar, rice, quinoa, pasta, beans, etc. Today, upon rummaging through my stores I realized I was down to a handful of wheat pasta and a couple cups of bulgar. Luckily, my freezer houses the excess from all my culinary escapades. This is where my idea for today’s dish was conjured.

My beans are some I cooked a while back with bacon (pig and beans are like pb&j) and cactus. My “rice” is actually bulgar made into a salad of sorts, tossed with green onions, cilantro, salt, and a dash of spicy pecan vinegar. Many places in Spain, Portugal, and in South American restaurants eggs are included with most dishes, usually hard boiled. Today I decided to poach an egg (using that spicy pecan vinegar as the acid in my poaching solution). I added a little melty white cheese to the plate, generally I would use Oaxaca, but all I had was a little left over Mozzerella (poor food is all about improvisation). Some of my spare change came in handy at the farmer’s market Tuesday. I picked up some avocado’s for 50 cents each; so I had to throw some of them on there too. Beans and rice wouldn’t be even a loose interpretation of the dish without some tortillas to scoop up all the goodness with. I get corn tortillas in a bag of 50 for $1.99 at one of the Mexican grocers nearby. Tortillas are certainly a staple, even when there is nothing else left in my refrigerator but jam and maybe butter there will generally be at least a couple tortillas to slather them on. This morning I passed them through a pan with a little bit of chili oil to heat them up (I had to make a couple extra…while the bulgar was cooking I couldn’t help but eat a few). To finish it off I sprinkled it with a little chili powder, took a photo, and promptly devoured the entire thing (before the blog was even half-way written).

I will eat “poor” food any time.

I think next I’ll have to tackle tuna casserole or something…


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One Comment
  1. Melisa Cooper permalink

    Love today’s post and love “poor food”!!

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