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My Taco Brings All the Boys to the Yard

February 1, 2012

Well, just about everything I made today seems worthy of a song bragging on force congregation of the masses around my culinary escapades(everyone I date ends up gaining 20 pounds at least…sorry). It’s easy when starting with a lovely cut of meat as the center for brainstorming.  Thanks to a slight overage after teaching a steak class I just happen to have a beautiful pound of NY Strip steak staring at me from my refrigerator…well, I did earlier in the day. I have slowly hacked at it to create a multitude of beautiful dishes.

This morning (closer to afternoon really…a late movie last night followed by a plural amount of beers) I seared up a portion of the steak to a succulent medium-rare, simply brushed with a generous amount of the crushed red pepper oil I keep by my stove-top at all times. The single portion of breakfast steak sat next to a halved, roasted, pesto-tossed baby red potato and was topped with a butter poached sunny-side up egg, all sprinkled with brunoise red onion and chiffonade of fresh basil.


To work off the one billion calories I no-doubt assaulted my body with, I walked and biked around town whilst exploring the Dallas farmers market only a couple blocks from my house. After all that (I took the stairs and everything!) I certainly deserved the next course. This is where the famous taco enters the picture. First, I brushed my fresh corn tortillas with that chili oil I speak so fondly of, then I melted cheese over top (I recommend Oaxaca), I then topped it with a mixture of sauteed red and green onions. The next layer is the meat of course, but the special-ness of my taco comes from the spices. I sauteed strips of the steak in Ancho chili powder, Dark Cocoa, and a pinch of brown sugar. The result was an earthy, caramelized piece of wonderful. The last layers were slices of avocado I picked up at the farmers market, cilantro leaves, and some lime wedges to squeeze over top. Heaven. By far, my favorite of the day.

For the next couple hours I busied myself with working on a painting and cleaning house. But every time I walked by my refrigerator (it happens a lot, I live in a studio apartment) I couldn’t help but get lost in thought contemplating my next steak move. This time I cut off parts of the fat cap on the meat and boiled it away with some of the onions to make a “steak stock” the steak was pre-seared at the school so the flavor of cast-iron and carbon lent extra oomph (technical term) to the stock. Meanwhile I made a steak salad of sorts by sauteing strips of the steak in sesame oil with sesame seeds, green onion, kaffir lime syrup, and soy sauce. Once my stock had reduced quite a bit I added some miso and processed in an avocado. I served my avocado-miso soup in a shallow bowl with my  sesame-steak salad in the center(oh yeah, there’s also cilantro tossed into the salad at the end). Glorious flavor explosion.

One last hunk of steak…hmmm….what to do, what to do? Ah, I got it. I picked up a nice sized beet at the market and I just happen to have a container of cute little lilyput capers. So, I sauteed the beet with the last of my red onion and added the caper once the beets softened up a bit and deglazed the pan with a little Viognier I happened to be drinking. I simply seared the steak to a temperature around mooing and instead of saucing it (since the beets were mounted with butter at the end to make a blood red sauce underneath) I topped it with butter too! A smoky white wine and white truffle compound butter. oh yeah. uh huh. yeah. (give me a minute)

I think I may be suffering the effects of a beef overdose…I’m lethargic and so happy I want to hug strangers about 30 seconds longer than is deemed appropriate in most social circles. Also, I think I can feel my arteries clogging. Damn delicious white wine-truffle compound butter.

Eat Beef!


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