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I’ll Take All The Good Luck I Can Get

January 1, 2012

The coming of a new year undoubtedly brings a few superstitions with it. Many of these superstitions have been around for a good long time, therefore…I’m going to play it safe and abide by as many of them as humanly possible.

I’m a culinarian, so I will stringently follow food superstitions on this most promising of nights. Apparently, I should eat 12 grapes tonight to signify the 12 months of the year to come. According to the trusty ol’ interweb, if my third grape is bitter it will mean that March is going to be rough for me. Now, I figure…if I eat the whole bag of grapes I should be able to outweigh those 1 or 2 bitter grapes with an overwhelming amount of sweet grapes right? I am also supposed to eat legumes (black eyed peas in particular) thanks to Vicksburg, Mississippi and their lucky beans. Pork is also supposed to be lucky since the animal represents progress and fish have been considered lucky since the middle ages. Some Europeans even put a couple fish scales in their wallet during the new year(I’m not going that far). Last, but not least…cooked greens, for the simple fact they  look like folded money.

My reading also claims I should avoid Chicken (because they scratch backward and can lead to dwelling and regret) and lobsters since they swim backward.

I made two dishes this evening to accompany my bubbly, the first a Tuna ceviche. I utilized the fish and the grapes in this one with sweet potatoes, jalapenos, grapefruit, lemon, and lime topped off with a bit of Salish (alder smoked salt) and a drizzle of sesame oil. Even though the Tuna only marinated for about 30 minutes, it was tender beyond belief and the sweetness of the grapes and sweet potatoes played off the spicy Jalapenos beautifully.

My second dish a bit heartier, black eyed peas stewed with rainbow chard, onions, and peppers and finished with red wine and spicy pecan vinegar. I topped it with Porchetta cubed and crisped. Porchetta is pork tenderloin rubbed in herbs and olive oil and wrapped in pork belly, then roasted. It’s pretty fricken delicious.

Grapes, check.

Legumes, check.

Pork, check.

Fish, check.

Greens, check.

Alright…now I should be ridiculously wealthy and showered in good fortune throughout the new year. Just a little over 20 minutes until 2012, almost time to pop the bubbly.

Happy New Year!


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