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New Years Eve Rituals

December 31, 2011

My biological clock apparently knew exactly what day today is. Even though I was burning the 2am oils my body decided to wake up well before my already ambitiously set alarm. I didn’t fight and pull my head under the covers, I simply got up and started to my yearly New Years Eve day rituals. I took down all my Christmas decorations, untrimmed my tree, placed it all in a tidy little box and drug my water-deprived, needle-shedding Christmas tree to the trash. I then commenced to deep cleaning my apartment, singing and dancing in embarrassing ways in front of the 12 foot windows of my apartment…Happy New Year neighbors!

After all that hard work I certainly deserve a tasty breakfast.

My refrigerator is seriously lacking in ingredients so I was forced to be resourceful. I had some sour cream that will soon be destined for the rubbish bin, some left over blanched vegetables, and Meyer lemons I was wedging, squeezing, and tossing into my hot toddies last night. Then Voila!

Savory sour cream, Meyer lemon pancakes topped with asparagus, caramelized onions, rosemary, Belgian endive, and a bit of red pepper. In lieu of a compound butter (I ran out of butter, inconceivable!) I decided on a simple drizzle of white truffle oil. And of course, a side of obligatory bacon and a glass of orange juice.

The sour cream pancakes came out insanely tender, but pretty thin. They poofed, then deflated, but had great flavor.There wasn’t enough flour in them, I’ll add a teensy bit more next time for structure. I used the residual grease from the bacon to saute the veggies (it would be a shame to waste all that free flavor).

Next I’m going to take my Christmas present to myself for a spin (a new road bike) there is a nice 22 mile loop not far from my house. Clean apartment, fresh air, fabulous food, today is shaping up to be a great farewell to 2011 and a fairly good greeting to the New Year.


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