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Reward for Waking Late

December 29, 2011

The dreams were just too good this morning to pull myself from my abundance of comforters and sizable mound of pillows. When the alarm tolls 7am what do I do? Well…I lovingly toss it on the floor and bury myself deeper in the sheets.

Ah, to defy the convention of the clock…it feels positively naughty in a very good way. This sort of behavior certainly comes with consequences requiring severe punishment. How shall I punish myself? I think I will punish myself with a ridiculously indulgent breakfast (so I can feel guilty about it later, or not, may as well give it a shot).

Last night at work was the “Steakhouse Favorites” class and I just happened to bring home a bit of NY Strip and some julienne potatoes. This was the obvious center of the breakfast. A little steak and eggs never hurt anyone. But I couldn’t simply leave it at that, oh no.

The steak was seared off in cast iron last night and cooked rare so I didn’t have to worry too much about it, I just passed it through the pan momentarily and let it warm up in a 200 degree oven. The potatoes became the hashbrown bed the steak laid on. But just potatoes? No. That would be boring. There’s also caramelized onions and golden beets for a touch of earthy sweetness. The gravy though, oh the gravy. No sinful breakfast would be complete without a goodly helping of artery-lubing gravy (I like to think the egregious amounts of fat would slip right through as opposed to clog…I may be wrong, but I choose not to think so). I won’t lie, I outdid myself with the gravy. It’s a smoky, spicy jalapeno-tomato gravy made with bacon grease…yeah…not exactly calorie free. And it wouldn’t be complete without the over easy egg with a touch of smoked Spanish paprika, a lime wedge for a touch of citrus to accompany the the sweet beets and spicy jalapenos, and a bit of garnish (ha, only someone who’s nickname in culinary school was “Crispy” would consider bacon a garnish).

At this point, my “punishment” for irresponsibly waking up late may have been an incentive to loaf about further. Hmm…I have a good book that needs some tending to. Any activities that don’t include getting dressed are fair game for the next 3 hours. Sorry neighbors, hanging out in the underpants this morning and a portion of the afternoon.


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