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Signature Dishes Challenge

December 20, 2011

Our one goal while Brett was visiting (besides to find the best BBQ in Dallas) was to build him a site to showcase his food as I do. So, we naturally had to cook a bunch of tasty vittles and photo them. Thus, the 3 signature dish challenge was born. We were to make one vegetarian, one fish, and one large grazing land mammal (good ol’ cow).

As my Vegetarian dish I used a big fat King Trumpet mushroom and “filet” cut it. I simply slow cooked it in butter, salt ,pepper, and rosemary. It was served over creamed pesto and accompanied by caramelized chippolinis and kohlrabi. It looks like it belongs in a steakhouse.

Brett chose tofu for his Vegetarian dish. It was dredged and pan-fried over mushroom quinoa and served with candied banana, boiled, sliced beets, and cucumber slices with a miso cream sauce.

For the swimmer course, I went with some Chilean Sea Bass, I butterflied it and stuffed it with basil, then coated it in a ground chili-smoked paprika panko and pan seared it before finishing it off in the oven. I served it over a bacon-wrapped roasted eggplant and a bed of white wine braised green onions and served with a blistered tomato-chili-basil sauce. Oh yeah…sooo tasty.

Brett’s seafood signature dish was a duo of shrimp and salmon. The salmon was simply seasoned with salt and pepper and seared before finishing off in the oven and served over spring greens. His shrimp were sauteed and covered in a whiskey-butter sauce and fanned out over cucumber slices.

For our beefy delights I charred and braised a short rib in a red wine-chili broth with a myriad of vegetables. The now-boneless short rib (it fell off ) sits on a bed of caramelized carrots and bottom sauced with the braising liquid whipped up with the good-ol immersion blender to get all those good veggie flavors in there and thicken it up. The short rib was so tender there was no knife involved, hell, there was no fork involved. It disappeared in about 2 seconds.

Brett chose Bison as his large land mammal and served it as a deconstructed stew. Golden baby potatoes, carrots, a caramelized chippolini grace this dish and it’s topped off with a shiner-jus cream sauce. I was proud of him incorporating Texas beer in his signature dish!

I think he loves Texas so much he may say goodbye to the bay area…maybe.


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