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Another Challenge (this time a bit more civilized)

December 18, 2011

It’s 10 am, a mimosa in hand, and  I am here with one of my culinary school friends from San Francisco recounting last nights movie marathon and cookoff challenge! Last week I challenged my friends with Sardines and only got a couple of submissions, so this week I went a little less evil.

Texas White Grapefruit.

We created 3 dishes each utilizing this extra sweet citrus fruit.

The first course, appetizers. I went with a cold, raw dish. Oyster shooters with shallots, roasted red pepper, capers, green onions, white grapefruit juice, a touch of honey, and finished off with  Kiwa black lava salt served on a bed of grapefruit slices.

Brett opted for seafood as well, big juicy U-10 scallops, wrapped in bacon and baked in the oven. He served it over a charred grapefruit slice and dripping with a white grapefruit beurre blanc. For those who aren’t familiar with classic French sauces, Beurre Blanc is a butter, shallot, and white wine sauce. We did it pretty classically, just finished it with grapefruit juice.

For the main course I did a braise…An oxtail in a hot chili, tarragon, onion, garlic, grapefruit, and beefy broth, reduced a bit to give it a savory lingering quality but still loose to dunk the meat that falls off the bone in. I served it over buttered Kohlrabi and Crab Apple slices. The apple was slightly sweet and the Kohlrabi has an oniony, potatoey, radishy quality that contrasted beautifully. I had never made oxtail before, but I was sooo pleased with the result. That is definitely an ingredient that will grace my refrigerator often in the months to come.

For Brett’s main course he served up some salt, pepper, grapefruit, sesame Swordfish with buttered bok choy and potatoes. Straightforward and tasty.

Dessert…now this is the real test. Brett is a classically trained pastry chef and I am the culinary one. So, this part was fierce.

I busted out a pecan Italian cream cake with a white chocolate-grapefruit ganache, brandy soaked blueberries, and grapefruit segments. I was sooo proud of this tower of awesomeness that I was snacking on it throughout the night  and every time that I took a bite I made herbal essence commercial sounds so loud it startled the neighbors.

I set the bar high but Brett delivered…he served up the thickest, richest chocolate concoction I have ever tried to swallow…dang…good thing it was it was served with a grapefruit-berry-ginger sauce that mirrored more a gastrique than a dessert sauce based on tartness…and I whipped a loose chantilly cream to bring some lightness to it.

This is our example, please follow suit and show me what ya got!


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