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Breakfast Bliss Is…

December 13, 2011

A perfect, fluffy omelet artfully laden with flavorful fillings.

I know, pretty basic. But how many people do you know that can’t make a simple omelet without getting frustrated and turning it into a scramble at the last moment?

I use room temp eggs. If you go to an outdoor market anywhere but America the eggs are NOT refrigerated. It may be that we are slightly more concerned with bacteria growth or it could be that in other countries shopping is a daily affair. They don’t go shopping once a week  to supply them, they check daily to find out what’s fresh and turn those ingredients into dinner. I think it’s more economical. Not to mention shopping every day will ensure you aren’t on your knees in front of the open refrigerator with a scrubby in your hand, stared in the face by some unrecognizable blackish-green substance you forgot about sometime between October 2008 and the present.

This morning I created a Peppered Pastrami, Basil-Caramelized Onion, and Mozzerella mouth explosion. I call it the New York Italian (as named by a girl from California).

First, I caramelized about half an onion with a few chiffonaded(I don’t know if that tense for that particular word exists) leaves of basil.

I whipped up a single, room-temperature egg with a 1/2 TBS of whipping cream and a bit of salt. I poured that into a well greased (with butter of course) medium  temperature non-stick small saute pan. I only cooked it on this side about a minute. Since I only used one egg it doesn’t take long. A lot of people accidentally make it too thick and it becomes hard to flip without breaking.

Now this part may take a little bit of practice. But, if your pan is well-lubed and the eggs are set on the bottom you should be all set. FLIP! (it’s all in the wrist)

Now that you are oh-so-satisfied with yourself and wish someone were in the kitchen to see your accomplishment (until you look down at the PJ’s you have obviously owned since the early 90’s) lay the fillings on one side of the light golden circle of delightful egg cooking away before you. Once your cheese is melted and the egg is firmed up, flip half of it over on itself and grab a fork.


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