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A New Culinary and Video Pursuit

December 3, 2011

I work at Central Market as a cooking school instructor and our kitchens certainly adapt to the populace surrounding our gourmet grocery store. A new location is opening up in South Lake, a Dallas/Ft. Worth community with a large number of Jewish families. Needless to say, the research and development staff are hard at work (we share a kitchen) and I freely sample of Chocolate Bialys and Matzah balls galore as I prepare my prep for the evenings classes(you never go hungry in our kitchen).

There are plenty of kinds of food I’m not completely familiar with yet, Jewish food being one of them. I lived in Northern California and wen’t to Catholic school when I was young so there weren’t too many opportunities for me to pick up on Jewish food or the reasons they ate differently. So, being the always-diligent student I am (ha!) I picked up some literature from the small library in our classroom and started doing a little research on my lunch break. While I was reading about the Jewish culinary history in America an idea sparked and I had to write it down. First, it became a short story, then it became a long story (it happens sometimes), then when I started visualizing my story I decided my idea would be beautiful if told on screen…so I started writing a screenplay. It’s still a little (or a lot) in a rough state, but regardless, I think you can anticipate a good deal of kosher food coming out of my kitchen as I explore further and get into my writing mode.


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