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One Bite Wonders

November 29, 2011

I am bravely continuing on into turkey territory. Tonight I wasn’t sure whether   I wanted Asian or Italian on the plate(I am notoriously indecisive) so I picked up a package of wontons and decided I shall have both.

I am a huge advocate of rolling your own pasta, getting your hands covered in flour, fingers sticking together from bits of unruly  dough, resting, rolling, shaping, boiling, and saucing the little buggers…but today was a long day…and I wan’t raviolis stuffed with my choice of filling that doesn’t take two hours to produce. An easy shortcut is to use wonton wrappers. They come already shaped, all you have to do is fill them and toss them in some boiling salted water. For my filling I combined turkey(of course), roasted beets, shallots, garlic, and cream cheese. I kept the sauce simple so you can see the beautiful pink filling. The raviolis are tossed in some tarragon and butter. Voila!

The raviolis are especially impressive to your family and friends if you vary the fillings. Beets come in red, pink, and yellow…you can also use some squash and create a beautiful fall color scheme on the plate.

For my Asian dish I utilized those lovely wrappers for one of their actual intended uses, potstickers. I used to live in Daly City, California so it’s only natural I should have a well-loved bamboo steamer in my cupboard. At an Asian market you can easily pick one up in a multitude of sizes ranging in price from $5 to $25.

I love the winter for a multitude of reasons, citrus, snow, cuddly sweaters, and chestnuts. When I lived in Turkey (The country, not the bird I have been blogging about for a week now) I couldn’t wait to go to market in the winter time. There were men with little carts on just about every street corner roasting chestnuts and for 1 YTL (about 80 cents) I would have a rolled up newspaper cone full of warm, nutty, heaven to snack on while I shopped my way up and down the cobblestone streets of the older section of Adana.

When I saw them at the store today I decided to make one of my favorite easy lunches (with a few tweaks). My potstickers are stuffed with a 5spice turkey-chestnut mix and served with a sweet and sour kefir-soy glaze.

I think a Riesling is in order.


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