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The Turkey Saga Continues

November 28, 2011

If you are what you eat…I should gobble by now. Yet, I’m not tired of the Tryptophan touting turkey haunting the annals of my refrigerator thanks to keeping my menu varied.

Since last night at the cooking school was Tapas night, I was Spanish inspired for my first dish, a traditional Tortilla Espanola…with turkey. There are no tortillas involved in this dish, just potatoes, egg, roasted red peppers, olives, and oodles and oodles of olive oil. Mix everything in a bowl besides the olive oil…easy enough right? place the olive oil in a pan (not too hot) and basically, make a big omelet that you don’t have to fold over. It’s easiest to finish in the oven, then when it comes time to plate it, just pop it out upside down on a nice plate. When you cut it open you will see the layers of lovely potato. This dish is super simple and would make a fabulous brunch.


For my second dish I decided to be a wee bit more French…since I decided to make carcass stock today I have tons of soup base to work with. It would seem a shame not to utilize it. I decided on a Turkey-Fennel Bisque. It’s exactly what it sounds like, thick, creamy, voluptuous even. It’s definitely a nice companion to the cooler weather and my desire to stay inside as opposed to venturing out into the frigid wind today.

After this kitchen marathon I am going to need to run a marathon of my own  to save my thighs from thundering up.


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  1. Ha you said annal

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