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Turkey, Turkey, and more Turkey

November 26, 2011

I know I didn’t post yesterday, but my schedule is ridiculous! That’s why we love the holidays right? Well, maybe not for that reason. The reasons we love the holidays probably have something to do with egregious amounts of food, it’s finally acceptable to throw elbows in line at the store, or the plethora of shiny objects everywhere.

For Thanksgiving I didn’t cook anything. Not one thing. Well, I did make breakfast for myself. I re-purposed my Turkey scones from last post, this

time I covered them in some Turkey-drippings milk gravy, melted cheese on top, and fried an egg to go with it. Not necessarily an original idea, but tasty nonetheless.


The night before I stayed in with some of that cranberry liquor we made during the pie class and just decided to snack on fabulous little bites. when I first roasted my turkey I saved all the strange bits you find tucked up where the neck used to be and I reserved the liver in my refrigerator covered in cream.

The cream leeches out all the funky bloody flavor liver tends to have. Then I drained it, patted it dry, seared it, and made pate! The offal meats are my favorite to work with. So, Wednesday night I enjoyed cranberry liquor with crostini, pate, gorgonzola slices, some of that peppered pear zinfandel jam, and finished it off with a truffle.

Life is Good.

Today I made a very loose interpretation on a Canadian favorite, Poutin! Generally, this dish is simply french fries covered in gravy and topped with cheese curds. Today though, my french fries are actually sweet potato croquettes, my turkey drippings milk gravy is loaded with turkey bits,  and I didn’t have any curds (not so easy to find the squeaky cheese curds in Texas I’ve noticed) so I used that delicious smoked cheddar in my fridge.

I thoroughly enjoyed the subtle sweetness of the sweet potatoes with the crunchy salted crust all covered with delightful gravy and cheese.

Also this morning, I created a dish I can freeze or pick at for the next week. The all too familiar and comforting, turkey pot pie. I used all the vegetables that had been in the pan with the turkey while it was roasting, cubed up and polished off the breast meat, and made a roux with the last of the drippings to create a think and lovely filling for the pot pie.

Since my turkey was orange juice and butter glazed, my vegetables had a bit of a citrus flavor to them so I decorated the top with lemon slices. Almost too pretty to eat…almost.


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