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Single Girls Roast Turkeys Too!

November 22, 2011

Who says that just because you may live in a small studio apartment in the middle of the city and may be going to several Thanksgivings at other peoples homes, that you cannot roast a delicious Turkey for yourself? After all, I now have the next 16 meals planned out. And seeing as it is a 20 pound gift of poultry from my employer…it is a financially responsible culinary endeavor.

But I cannot simply open a cookbook or magazine article, I have to turn my labor of love into a test kitchen centerpiece. Today I was feeling particularly fond of citrus so the lovely winter fruit became the theme of the simple meal. I am a fan of juicing up my turkeys…I have injected them with Cajun flavors and Italian flavors, but this time I made the basting glaze and injection liquid out of orange juice concentrate, butter, salt and pepper…simple but delicious. It took every last bit of self control in my body to keep myself from pecking the bird bald every time I opened the door to baste it. The Turkey laid on a bed of Mire Poix and garlic cloves and was stuffed with the same (I love to eat those later over rice with the drippings made into gravy or just as they are).

When I was young my mom and I would go to the store to get Turkey necks, boil them with Mire Poix, and eat them when we planned on having a “staying in” type day. There was no fear of offals in my family either…we chewed on those hearts like meat flavored bubblegum. Since I’m only cooking one turkey today, I figure the neck, heart, gizzard, those are all my snack food while I’m cooking. I put them into a pot with the Celery, Carrots, Onion, Garlic, and generous amounts of salt and pepper. I let them boil away until they looked ready to eat, removed them, and continued to reduce the liquid which I used as the turkey stock in the sauce I made later. The liver got put into the fridge under a layer of cream to get rid of the bloody flavor. I’ll sear it tomorrow and enjoy it with my roasted veggies, rice, and gravy. I was always taught not to waste anything and I definitely heed that. Besides, they taste good.

My side dish for tonight is sweet potato, which I microwaved until soft, sliced into disks, sauteed in butter, and deglazed with lemon juice. Also simple, but the acid pairs nicely with the sweetness of the sweetness of the potato. But I would have to say my accomplishment of the evening was the sauce I came up with for the turkey…oh my…A pomegranate-passionfruit peppered turkey jus. That’s right, I dare say it was perfection. I sat in front of my plate completely ignoring napkins, forks, any of those things we commonly use for the purpose of maintaining politeness. I’m sure the neighbors could hear my herbal essences-esque sounds through my window while I was happily licking my fingers and patting myself on the back. The dish was topped off with some caramelized crispy lemon oats I sprinkled on the top for texture. Silpats are a present from God I’m telling you.


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