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Movin’ on in!

November 15, 2011

Tonight I have been hard at work lugging around and assembling furniture…my sweat and tears and torn up instruction booklets most certainly deserve a good dinner. So, I stay in, enjoy the new decor, and fill the apartment with aromas to instill jealousy in my new neighbors. To start I had a simple salad with raspberry balsamic vinaigrette and Greek olive oil and a small bowl of curried pumpkin bisque topped with red peppers, a  dollop of Mexican crema, and cilantro. The main course above is a whole wheat thin spaghetti tossed with red, yellow, and orange peppers along with crispy chicken skin, serrano’s for a little heat, and cilantro.

Fall really reminds me of the smell of a bird roasting in the oven. When I was a kid my mom and I would roast chicken on the weekend (fighting for the oyster) and use the meat for meals throughout the week. There was no scrap sent to the waste bin. We loved the gizzards, hearts, all of it. Especially the skin, it’s packed with flavor and the texture is fabulous.

Tonight the meal went down smoothly with a sturdy red wine to stand up to all the bold flavors and I think I’ll follow this act with a slice of butterscotch banana cream pie…hmmm…indeed.

Happy Culinary Adventuring to All and to All a Good Night!



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